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 Jay and Cendee Bellisle

Chase The Deals, LLC d/b/a Hollow Branch Creations

We're Taking Our Passions And Hobbies To The Next Step

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Updated on May 1, 2020

Welcome! My name is Cendee. I have been married for about eighteen years to my wonderfully supportive husband, Jay. We have two children, boys, who are pretty much grown now. We try very hard to be as frugal as possible because we want to save money. Who doesn't? It has taken me over a decade to realize that I have learned a skill that not only helped our family get out of debt, but it can also help other people survive on less money.

I got tired of companies taking my last dollar to sell me something that I must purchase to survive. It has taken me a lot of long hours, stress, and lack of sleep to get to this point. Originally, we started Chase The Deals, LLC and the goal was to find a cheaper way to offer quality products and share our knowledge with those who need to hear it.

One of our hobbies (besides saving money) is working in our woodshop. We get off work so late, and after making supper, eating, and cleaning the kitchen, we only have about an hour of free time before it’s time to take showers and go to bed. Years ago, while trying to find a way to squeeze more time out of our weekday evenings, we created something great! We built our 3-Piece Matching Party Set. We made it for ourselves and it became so popular with our friends and family, so we created Hollow Branch Creations, d/b/a (HBC), so everyone had the opportunity to own a set. Hollow Branch Creations is still part of Chase The Deals, LLC.

We created Hollow Branch Creations, d/b/a, for our handmade home products. Our products are made in the United States. (U.S.A) Our items are created by using locally harvested wood, which helps the local economy. We decided to keep the two company names separate so we can reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

Jay And Cendee Bellisle

Founder of Chase The Deals LLC d/b/a Hollow Branch Creations